A Colombian adventure is about to begin…

Tomorrow morning – not too early, thank goodness – Children of the Andes team members Hannah Punin-Albarracin and Emily Fyson – will be heading out to Colombia for two weeks to visit partner projects, meet with our field office, plan for the year ahead and find out more about how children’s lives are being changed in Colombia.

Hannah says “I can’t wait to finally be out in Colombia, after hearing so much about the country and the fantastic projects that COTA support. I have been lucky enough to visit several of the other Andean countries before, so am really looking forward to seeing how Colombia compares…” Hannah got married to her Ecuadorian husband Diego just one week ago.

Emily says “I’m very impressed that Hannah has sacrificed her honeymoon to come on this trip! It is going to be fantastic to be out there, meet the children, and discover the work that COTA and our supporters are helping to make happen. I expect it will be hard at times, but there will be amazing encouragements too…”

The girls will be spending the first week in Bogota and the next in Cali. So, do check back in and see how they are getting on . 

In line with COTA’s policy on Child Protection and the use of photograps, Hannah and Emily will not take photos during the visits to our project partners. Nevertheless, It should be an eye-opening insight into the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in a unique country, and the work of Children of the Andes…

Thank you for all your support,

The COTA Team

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