Welcome to Colombia…

After a long trans-Atlantic flight we finally made it to Colombia in the early hours of the morning…

Bogota is an amazing place – a sprawling city which clings to the imposing mountains above.  We took a taxi across the top of the city and into the centre of town – past beautiful vistas and the cable car crawling up the mountain.

As promised, the people here are amazingly friendly. Everyone had told us that this would be the case, and it is true – everywhere we went we were greeted with smiles and warmth. The food is also fantastic. We tried Arepas (a kind of pancake made from ground maize), Patacones (squashed plaintain made into a big pancake and deep fried), and Empanadas (little pastries with cheese in). Yum! We also watched a demonstration about animal rights – our first protest, less than 24 hours into the trip!

Tomorrow the work begins, and we are really looking forward to seeing our project partners and meeting some of the children COTA works with.  Our first stop will be Restrepo Barco, which provides life saving landmine education for children at risk. Because of the  internal conflict in Colombia, there are landmines throughout the country. This project provides education for under-8s on staying safe and keeping away from landmines. Our second project visit will be to Renacer, which works to prevent the commercial exploitation of children, and to provide support for children and famileis who are already affected.

It is going to be a really challenging but interesting day…do check in to keep following our exploration of this amazing country and the work that Children of the Andes is supporting here.

Ciao for now

Emily and Hannah

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2 Responses to Welcome to Colombia…

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Hannah & Emily – good to know you are finding your visit so interesting and fascinating. I hope you’ve had a good first couple of days and have got to know more about the projects seen so far. Looking forward to reading more, and seeing you in Cali soon!

  2. Sue Correa says:

    Hi Hannah and Emily,

    Great opportunity for you both. Hannah, you now have a lifetime of honeymoons, so don’t worry!
    The blog idea is wonderful, I’ll “almost” be travelling with you. Have a wonderful time and give lots of smiles to the kids from me!

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