No spare time. No spare cash. You can still help COTA!

We have so many emails from people saying they really want to do more to support COTA but have children or limited time and money. We too know the feeling… This week a friend of mine gave me a great idea that I’d like to share with you all. I hope it inspires you! Here’s what she told me:

“Last weekend I got together with a group of friends that I’d been trying to see for months. We all lead such busy lives and 2 of us have children too, so it’s rare that we find the time to all get together. None of us have much money either. After much deliberation about where to go – the park (but what if it rained?), our local pub (but they don’t like kids) etc, we gathered at my house with a few bottles of wine and some nibbles. Oh what fun – and what a cheap way to enjoy great company! We all support different charities, and revelling in our low-budget rendez-vous we came up with a great way to support them. I thought I’d share the idea with you so you can pass it one to your COTA fanatics! Here’s the plan:

  • We’re going to take it in turns to host a get together every 2 months.
  • Each time, the host buys the wine and a few tapas / light dinner – based on a budget of £5 per person. Each person gives the host £10. Of this £10, the host keeps £5 to cover costs and then decides on a charity to donate the other 5 pounds.
  • This means that between 6 of us, our chosen charity (COTA in your case) will get £30 for their amazing work (and it still works out cheaper for us than going out for dinner)!

We figured that in our local pub, a few drinks and some food comes to at least £15 each, and it’s of no benefit to anyone except us. This way, we have just as much fun, and our charities get a bit of extra money for your great work”.

£24 could cover the cost of a music therapy workshop to help 50 children recovering from trauma.

Needless to say, we at COTA loved this idea, and we know we have loads of supporters out there who really do want to do more but don’t think they have the time. Of course you don’t need to do this with wine, it can be coffee, lunch, brunch, dinner, football and a few beers, film night instead of the cinema, parents and toddlers… this list goes on… and I am sure you can think of more. Our lovely fundraiser Emily is part of a book club and has just told me she’s going to ask for donations at the next one she hosts in return for her refreshments! So if you’re already part of a group that meets regular- you’ve already done the hard part.

Whatever you decide to do, the great thing about this idea is that you see your friends, you save money staying at home, you tell people about your chosen charity and you really making a great difference to the lives of other people.

If you do decide to host a rendez-vous in support of for COTA, please let us know in advance, so we can send you a handful of leaflets to give to friends.


£24 could  cover the cost of a music therapy workshop to help 50 children recovering from trauma.

£52 could pay for one month of counselling for a child who has been sexually exploited

From all of us at COTA… Have fun, and have a great weekend.

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