Do not give up on your resolutions!

Here is a message from one of our supporters, who wanted to share one of his 2012 resolutions with you:

“When asked if we would like to contribute to change and do something to help our communities most of us say ‘yes’ and agree that we have to give back to our society. However, we often tend to get absorbed by our work routine and personal commitments. So our desire to “give back” ends up at the bottom of our priority list and, as the year progresses, we just forget what we once thought was very important. So, how can we change?

I asked myself this question last year. I was among those who wanted to do something but were always too busy. Then I realised that, to change, I had to take action and commit myself. So, I decided to link my passion for sports with my interest in supporting a good charity.

I signed up for a 100 miles cycle-sportive event and raised money for COTA. I created my charity fundraising profile at virgin money giving, sent an email to my friends promoting COTA and asked them to make a donation and support me. In one week I raised £1,200.

Juan cycled 100 miles last year to fundraise for COTA

I was very impressed with the amount raised. I learnt that people are happy to donate to a good cause and that friends are willing to support you if they see that you are taking on challenges beyond your comfort zone.

In addition to the cycling event, my girlfriend Alexandra and I formed a group of talented Colombian professionals to support COTA and help maximise its fundraising potential. Our committee is currently working on various ideas to fundraise for COTA and spread the word about their work. We are looking forward to implementing Them throughout 2012.

This year, supporting COTA is listed as one of my resolutions. I have already set my personal fundraising goals. I will complete the Milan marathon in April and will participate in a cycle-sportive in July, a challenge including four of the most iconic climbs of the Tour de France in the French Alps. My objective is to raise £3,000.

Do I have more free time than last year to do all this? Certainly I do not. But I know that if I do not take the initiative, my good intentions will not materialize.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to contribute to change and support COTA. You do not have to run a marathon but do make a resolution to “give back” and make sure it is a priority for 2012. Be ready to challenge yourself. Use this as an opportunity to inspire your friends and share something good with then.

Happy new year for all of you.


If you would like to get involved in supporting COTA more actively this year, please see our website for some initial ideas and contact Heidy ( to find out how we can support you.

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