Field Office Diary – Summer 2014

Johanna, our Admin Coordinator in Colombia recently participated in an activity held by our partner Corpolatin to prevent and reduce violence at home and at school.


When we arrived at the school, the children were anxiously waiting for us to start the activity. Their faces were filled with happiness and they were paying close attention to the instructions for the day. The activity began by dividing the children into groups; some went outside and some stayed in the classroom. Our group found a cool spot underneath a tree and we all sat in a circle. We started by reading a story that included an example of violence at school, where the children had to identify the ‘goodies’ and the ‘baddies’, as well as the problems and conflicts in the story. Our mission was to create a superhero that would come and solve all these problems and conflicts.

  Each child contributed to the creation of the superhero, from their hair colour and their name, to what superpowers they would have. Once the children finished drawing, all the groups got together again in the classroom to present their work to the rest of the class.

The solutions the children gave to the conflicts were very valuable, but the most striking thing about this was that all the groups agreed that the key to solving any type of problem, whether it is at school, with friends or at home, is good communication.

 This was a great opportunity for the children to express their ideas, work in groups and set their imagination free. The most important thing about the activity was it motivated children to think about how they can solve their own problems. It was really inspiring to see the children learn that they can be part of the solution.


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2 Responses to Field Office Diary – Summer 2014

  1. I reallly do admire all your organisations help to protect our children in Colombia. I wish I could be involved in helping out and putting my learning skills to some good use and for a great benefit. I believe in my country and have high hopes for it.

    • cotablog says:

      Hi Natalia,

      Thank you very much for your comment and for your interest in COTA’s work. Thank you also for your kind offer of supporting our work!

      We would love to invite you to our next COTA Promoter meeting. The COTA Promoter network is a group of volunteers who have a strong commitment and understanding of our work and use this to raise funds and increase awareness about our work. We have regular induction sessions for new promoters. We would love to invite you to our next COTA Promoter induction meeting, to be held on 8th November 2014. It is an opportunity to meet our team, hear a little more about our work in Colombia and how you can get involved. I look forward to hearing whether you would like to attend. Please RSVP to

      The details are:
      Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm
      Our address: Development House, 56 – 64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT.
      Nearest tube: Old Street (Exit: Subway 2) – Old Street is on the Northern Line. Liverpool Street station (on the Central line) & Moorgate (Circle & Northern Line) are also nearby.

      We woould also love to invite you to our upcoming Rumba Tropical next event taking place next Wednesday 22nd October in Floripa (91-93 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HZ). This is our annual Salsa party which we organise to raise funds for the partner organisations we support in Colombia and it will be taking place. We will have live salsa and cumbia music from Johnny Freyre & Kalima Project and live Salsa shows from Cali Viva as well as sets by two of London’s most popular Latin DJs – DJ Chino and DJ Urbano Kalentura! And a Salsa class at the beginning! The party has been kindly sponsored by Sumak Travel & Ria Financial .

      The link to buy tickets is:
      Cost: £9 in advance – £12 at the door
      The link to the Facebook event is:
      Felipe will also be there showing us his dance moves!

      We look forward to hearing from you Natalia!

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